Millennial Heritage Academy


Vision Statement

The vision of Millennial Heritage Academy is to restore the family to its proper place in society and to aid scholars in obtaining a true liberal arts education.

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Millennial Heritage Academy is to create a learning environment for our community where families of like culture can convene and have their home values reinforced.  

Through the passionate study of classics, meaningful scholar projects, simulations, field experience, and a reliance upon the student/mentor relationship, we will inspire individuals with the necessary vision, skills and abilities to pursue and fulfill their personal mission.  

We will strengthen families and facilitate commitment to gaining a liberal arts education.  

We will foster allegiance to community and country, and perpetuate a deep devotion to God/Higher Power.  


Millennial Heritage Academy offers three quality programs to support homeschool families in California.

Families may enroll in each program or choose one or the other program according to their family's needs. 

NOTE: All classes and projects are designed to teach students HOW to think, not WHAT to think.  As the paramount goal, students are led in creating the foundations and gaining the abilities and skills necessary for formulating their own thoughts and opinions.


All Millennial Heritage Academy students and families must sign the Indemnification Document found HERE prior to any class or activity attendance.

Commonwealth School 

A family school!

Utilizing classics, mentors, Socratic discussion and other leadership education tools in offering youth and adults a liberal arts education.  (See slideshows below!)

Private School Satellite Provider (PSP) 

Freedom to educate your way!

For families who desire a private school feel while maintaining liberty in their curricula and freedom to educate the way they choose.

High School Classes 

Higher education, the classical way!

For students seeking a higher education steeped in the classics, discussion, oral presentation, writing, simulations, and oral examination.    

Take a peek into the Millennial Heritage Academy Commonwealth School...

 Commonwealth School Classes

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A Taste of Shakespeare 2014 

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I look to the future with hope, but widespread change cannot happen without some kind of catalyst.  Changing the way we think about education and do education is that catalyst.  
~Tiffany Earl, author of The New Commonwealth School and founder of Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI)

Temecula, California, USA