Millennial Heritage Academy


Only the educated are free.
~ Epictetus

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Millennial Heritage Academy (MHA) is a classical based organization offering a liberal arts education to youth and adults.

Through the passionate study of truth in all its forms, Millennial Heritage Academy seeks to promote personal, family, community, national and world freedom.

All programs sponsored by MHA are designed to teach individuals how to think, as opposed to what to think. 

As the paramount goal, individuals are led in creating foundations of critical, analytical and creative thinking, thus enabling them to obtain the vision, mission, abilities and skills necessary for formulating their own thoughts. 

With free thought in partnership with God, individuals will be lead to the discovery and implementation of their life missions.

Life changing. Family strengthening. Community building. World changing.

MHA currently offers:
  • A classical book discussion group for adults in the community
  • Community service events which promote freedom and education
  • A commonwealth school for families of the homeschool community
  • High school classes for home educated youth
  • A Private School Satellite Providing Service (PSP) 

Learn more about each of the programs offered below.


Compass Group

A classical book discussion group offered to adults and mature youth in the community.

Commonwealth School

A family school offering weekly projects and classes for homeschool families.

High School Classes

An assortment of high school level courses offered for home educated youth.

Private School Satellite Provider (PSP)

A service offered for families wishing to homeschool privately.  Transcripts*, education counseling and other services provided.

*Note: MHA is not an accredited institution.
I look to the future with hope, but widespread change cannot happen without some kind of catalyst.  Changing the way we think about education and do education is that catalyst.  
~Tiffany Earl

Temecula, California, USA